Kindly note that our membership fee of £127 per year is only £27 for our ‘Pioneer Members.’ These are the first 500 people to register in any Country. Pioneer members shall continue to renew their membership at the fee of £27 throughout the duration of their membership. At the time of printing, only 100 places are left. Unlike ordinary members, they will also have special voting rights on the priorities and activities of the Organisation. All members have voting rights.

We are a non-profit, non-governmental Organisation (NGO), founded because of the need to prevent injustice and unfairness and to give victims practical assistance.

Our current flagship methods/offerings are;

  • The membership scheme (Through prior registration)
  • The referral scheme ( Available to non-members too. Request by phone, text, email /letter)
  • The campaign/publicity scheme (email and/or upload your agitation, complain, story/case)
  • The class action scheme and
  • The social interaction/support for Judges scheme.

We are not motivated by the need for profit but rather by the need to prevent others from going through our sad experiences of injustice and unfairness. This explains why any fees or request for payment for our services are at levels where the masses can afford. There are no charges at all when and where it is possible to offer our services for free. Most of our campaigns and publicity for groups and for individual cases are totally free. The appeal and support given to the innocent family falsely convicted for assault on their daughter was totally free. We engaged both the services of the Solicitor and Barrister on her behalf. You can confirm and read about the case and the acquittal letter – case number: A201660023, Inner London Crown Court, Court location code 0440, acquitted on 28/06/16. The social interaction and support for Judges schemes are free too. Read more of it in about us page.

How it works: We are obligated to take on any case to defend our members. We will continue the defence on the advice of at least two legal professionals. There is automatic review of the case and expenses at/after the first £10,000. Otherwise any other reviews are discretionary. Where a case is meritless, the Lawyers shall advise the member accordingly, and shall take actions to mitigate the consequences on the member with his/her agreement.

We are also proactive and will sue/appeal on behalf of our members with his/her consent. Here too the advice of two competent legal professionals will be required. The advise and approval of three legal professionals will be sought if the matter is complicated and/or expensive.


1 – The donations and registration fees are used to sponsor any member involved in a litigation so as to prevent him/her from suffering injustice. Our costs for this assistance are recoverable if successful. In addition we are paid 1% to 5% of the value of any gain, award or compensation. Nowadays one has to pay between £100 and £200 as consultation fee to see a good Lawyer. Yet the consultation is not a guarantee of good advice or that he/she will assist you. In fact the consultation fee is lost if you fail to agree a fee for his/her services. This expensive gamble is taken off any one who is our member or who received a referral from us. Any child of a member under the age of 16 years is also covered irrespective of where the child is residing. We maintain a global presence.

2 – Our referral services are available to both members and non-members alike. However, we charge non-members a referral fee of £10 per case. Unlike members, we do not sponsor their matter. We do not disclose to the Lawyers that the service user referred by us is not one of our members, so that they i.e the Lawyers, offer them the same level of service and are held to account by us should they fail to do so. Experience teaches us that shifty, disreputable traders are everywhere including in the legal trade or profession. Google is therefore not the ideal answer at all, as there are so many bad and unconscionable advertisers in there. As can be seen above, this service is therefore not just a referral service but a referral with guarantee of a competent and honourable service. In fact the need to remain in our good book so as to receive referrals from us, is always enough to make the Lawyers to give us outstanding service.

Our referral services are of added importance to those who trade or have dealings overseas. Differences in culture, language and other barriers to international trade and relationship do not diminish the quality services and benefits we offer to our users because we have a global presence and everywhere is like a home. However, referral assistance where the user is in another country is £20 for non- members. It is still free to members irrespective of where they are based.

3 – We campaign to change unjust/unfair decisions by public bodies whether the decisions affect a group and/or individuals. An example is the campaign against the Home Office IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) against immigrants who have been granted the right to live and work in the UK and who are already paying into the NHS via the National Insurance (NI) contributions. You are also welcome to submit/upload your campaign, story, case etc for publicity, promotion and assistance.

4 – We organise isolated cases from individuals or groups and assist them to take a unified action to prevent, realise or recover financial losses from Companies i.e class actions. Our current engagement is against the giant Amazon. Thousands of people are complaining of how ‘Amazon Prime’ has been going into their accounts and taking a monthly direct debit (DD) from them without their knowledge. One victim approached his Bank who acted to stop the payment, only to discover that they payment resumed after a short while. JA has learnt that this payment continues as long as the card used in the initial one-off transaction is still in use. Amazon are not the only Company engaged is this type of sharp, fraudulent activities. Often they are big Companies or Organisations who can best be dealt with via a class action to stop the practices. Yes, a class action is very effective in exposing the true reputation of a Company/Organisation. Most Companies are uncomfortable with this and so do not prefer going to Court.

5 – Please read about us page regarding point 5 above, in respect to why and how we assist Judges to carry out their arduous tasks.

Can you think of some other ways. You might think your ideas are BUNKERS i.e plainly daft. Do us a favour, submit it. You may be surprised at the number of people who have submitted the same or similar ideas. If so, i.e if other people submitted same/similar ideas as you, then it certainly indicate that there are something in it worth considering/using. This is who we are at JA, we do not think we know it all. We are always open to suggestions and new ways of dealing and resolving matters as long as they are non-confrontational and peaceful methods.


Unfortunately most injustice and unfair judgements are as result of the 5 greatest barriers to justice in our society today. These are:

  • 1) Poor funding
  • 2) Poor handling and representation by Lawyers
  • 3) Poor decision by the Judge
  • 4) Judges’ great reluctance to disagree with the judgements of their colleagues especially in the lower Courts and in low profile cases
  • 5) Many Barristers and Solicitors are afraid to criticise poor decisions by Judges because of their careers.

The last two barriers, 4 and 5 are more applicable in the case of appeals. This Organisation – JA, will seek to effectively deal with these barriers on behalf of it’s members in particular and for the benefit of Society generally.