About Justice Awareness

1) To give publicity and exposure to judicial activities and Judges decisions using the website and various media outlet where necessary.
2) To give victims various practical assistance including sponsoring their appeals which will be repaid if successful.
3) providing something like a detox to Judges. The fact that a person is learned or a Judge does not make him or her superhuman.

A judge or anyone going through serious private upheaval including marital, family or relationship breakups will not be in the best frame of mind to render the best justice that they are capable of.

Secondly one can be sensitised by continually coming into contact with the same or similar cases/situations all the time.

Then there is the issue of assisting Judges to manage their biases and other behaviours which have some negative effects on their work and decisions.

Professionals will be used to advise, device and to put relevant programs in place. This will include diversionary activities to assist/integrate judges continually into the community.

Judges will be requested to submit their hubbies and the sports/activities they did at secondary schools, universities etc. Justice Awareness therapy professionals will match them up in groups and organise activities and competition with similar groups in the local communities. The ages and level of fitness and any disabilities will be taken into account in the component of any group.

Judges can also chose from the following activities:

1) Rowing
2) Boat racing
3) Table Tennis
4) Dancing
5) Basket ball
6) Long Tennis
7) Badminton
8) Golf
9) Football/Soccer
10) Motor racing
11) Walking/Mountaineering
12) Flying
13) Cricket
14) Horse Racing
15) Angling
16) Darts
17) Boxing
18) Netball
19) Martial arts
20) Swimming, etc

In fact any hubbies or sports outside the above list will be provided as long as up to five Judges has chosen it. JA will organise competitions between the Judges on one hand and those from the local/other communities. It may be Judges VS. the others or it may be mixed depending on expert advise and what the Judges prefer.

These activities will not be tokenism but serious and genuine, And so practices and rehearsals will be provided by professionals to all participants before the actual competition. School children and the community will pay some fees to watch.

We Thrive On Wining Challenging Cases And Getting Results.

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